Salary Statistics


The following are the average salaries for the South East Central Region. A few occupations in high demand for this region include Web Developer, Business Systems Analyst and QA Analyst, which support the growing industries of Healthcare, Distribution and Commercial Construction. Notice the difference in salary averages from one region to another.

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Using this drop-down menu, you can view the REGIONAL salary averages within these
six IT job categories:
National Average: $59,536.00 Regional Average: $54,937.00

You can be confident that your future earning potential is essentially unlimited. The satisfaction in your salary is a direct result of the investment in yourself. The following lists the salary averages along with the years of experience required for that level.

Years of Experience Average Regional Salary
Entry Level $33,839.00

As the demand for the IT professional increases, the job market continues to grow. Currently, the IT industry shows growth projections for occupations such as Network Systems and Data Communications Analysts at a growth rate of 53% up to the year 2016. See the Employment section for more examples.

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